Improving the quality of life through digital care for aged citizens and people living with disabilities.


Tecuris improves the quality of life for the aged, people living with disabilities, their carers, their families and support workers.


We provide a holistic set of services that empower our customers to engage in the community, improve their health and wellbeing and obtain essential information, goods and services.


Tecuris harnesses the power of digital innovation to meet the expectations of the aged and those living with disabilities.


Tecuris services help put the user back in the centre of their personal care network.

Easy and safe communication tools put the user and their carer, family, friends, and support workers in touch.

Greater independence for the user and peace of mind for the family are the key objectives.


The Tecuris Service Team facilitates communities with common interests.

Like-minded individuals are able to connect, communicate, and share information on a common topic.


The fear of health and safety risks often impacts the quality of life of elderly persons living independently.

By enabling the monitoring and management of those risks, Tecuris supports independence and peace of mind.

An overview of the Tecuris service

Easy Communication

Anytime, Anywhere

Connection with carers, family, friends and support workers

Communities of interest

Safe access to personalised digital tools and content

Preventative Health Management

Monitoring and management of chronic conditions

Support with treatment and medication compliance

Health Insight through alerts and reporting for peace of mind

Tecuris Community

Our service provides easy messaging, video calling and photo sharing.


Users engage with communities of interest through Tecuris-facilitated noticeboards and forums. The planner provides daily calendar reminders and the ability to coordinate events with family and friends.


The Tecuris Community service also supports personalisation and safe access to trusted applications, websites, and digital information.

Tecuris Health

Our service supports independent living and peace of mind.


Tecuris Health uses proven state-of–the-art telehealth technology and tools to remotely collect and monitor relevant vital parameters and indicators of the users wellbeing and safety.


Automatically generated alert messages and reports allow for a timely response by the right person, in line with the risk identified.


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Tecuris Connect (BYOD)
Tecuris Connect (BYOD)

“Connectivity” service on a user-provided device and mobile data plan (BYOD).

Tecuris Connect (Managed Tablet)
Tecuris Connect (Managed Tablet)

“Connectivity” as a managed service, running on a Tecuris-provided tablet with mobile data plan and remote device management.



“Connectivity” service on a user-provided device and mobile data plan (BYOD).



“Connectivity” as a managed service, running on a Tecuris-provided tablet with mobile data plan and remote device management.


  • Stephen Fraser
    Stephen Fraser Director

    With over 20 years’ experience working for leading pharmaceutical and FMCG companies, Stephen is a passionate advocate for equity of access to generic medicines.

  • Ian Woolsey
    Ian Woolsey Director & CTO

    Ian joins Tecuris with significant international experience in various CIO and IT Program Director roles across many industries including seniors residential community living.

  • Shaun Palmer
    Shaun Palmer Chairman & CFO

    Shaun has 25 years global experience in Human Capital, Change Management and Corporate Governance, including extensive engagement in the disability sector.

  • Karl Sussebach
    Karl Sussebach Managing Director & CEO

    Karl brings over 25 years of global expertise in business consulting and strategic IT solutions across the Telecommunications, Health and Aged Care sectors.


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