Because there is #MoreToLife when your loved ones can connect with the people they cherish, do the things they love, and engage with like-minded communities

Tecuris Connect enables your loved one to:

Stay Connected

Stay Connected

With family, friends, carers and support workers

Engage in Communities

Engage in Communities

Of interest, safely and securely

Experience the Comfort

Experience the Comfort

Of communicating in a language of their choice*

*Initial language support includes English, Korean and Spanish

Enjoy Individually Tailored Features

Enjoy Individually Tailored Features

And Support from a dedicated service centre

FREE 60-day introductory offer for Tecuris Connect

Tecuris Connect is available as a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) or Managed Tablet service

What is the BYOD service?

Get the Tecuris Connect app and services on your own Android device

FREE Tecuris Connect for 60 days. No subscription required!

What is the Managed Tablet service?

Enjoy Tecuris Connect on a Tecuris-provided Samsung 8″ tablet

First 60 days FREE on your 24-month subscription!

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