Cultural & Linguistic Diversity (CALD)

Post war migration has also added to the complexity of Aged Care with Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) baby boomers now entering aged care.

This community has the added complexity of language and culture that, even in large cities, can add to their isolation.

The CALD challenges are also an important consideration for the NDIS. The National Ethnic Disability Alliance reports that 1 in 4 people with disability are from non-English speaking (CALD) backgrounds.

Tecuris is well placed to support the challenges facing the ageing CALD communities.

Our Tecuris Connect offering has been translated into Korean, Chinese and Spanish with plans to extend this to Italian, Greek, and Mandarin by end of 2018. This is supported by service personnel with the language and cultural background necessary to serve this population.


  •   "¡Wow! Puedo responder por la experiencia de mi propia madre en la tableta de Tecuris. Nunca antes había usado un smartphone o una computadora y con Tecuris Connect ahora podemos compartir fotos de los nietos con ella y tener todos los sitios web importantes y sitios de entretenimiento agregados en español."

    Claudia Daughter of Rosa, user of Spanish-language version of Tecuris Connect

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